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February 16 and 17 2013

Spelt and Khorasan Bread from the Wood Oven

Duck and Lovage  Broth with Drizzled Egg and Parmesan
Michael’s Sopressa with a Salad of Nectarines and Pomegrantes
Fresh Cottage Cheese with Basil  Caper shoots and a Tomato Basil and Cucumber  Salad
Leek and Parsnip Strudel with an Anchoiade
Freshly Smoked Octopus with Star Anis
Green Papaya Green Mango Daikon and Perilla salad
Confit of Duck
              Capponata and figs                                             Garden Salad with Fresh Horseradish
Ginger and Lemon Tart with Poached Apricots and a Vanilla Ice Cream
Crème Brûlée with Kafir lime glazed Pineapple and a Jackfruit and coconut sorbet.
Apricot soufflé with Paradise Pears in saffron Syrup and a Cumquat sorbet
Pavlova Roll with Cherries and Strawberries and an Orange Blossom Mesir Sorbet
Poached Peaches and Raspberries with a Selection of Ice Creams
Bay Leaf Panna cotta with Pinot Noir Grapes and Pomegranates and a Mocha Ice Cream
DOP Gorgonzola with Quince Paste and Pear
Turkey Liver Parfait  with Drunken Raisins and an Apple relish.

$76 FOR 5 substancial cources. Also 5 Specials each day seafood, vegetarian options, offal, game Whatever's in season but short supply.

Coffee Roasted in Birregurra by Joe Habib Kazbah Coffee $4 with our slice of spice