Friday, 25 January 2008

In answer to Passable Cook but complete Luddite.

Robot says in answer to second question re Perils of P, the detail of which cannot be printed because of a limited liability that covers this site.

“All I can say is that MSG may be one solution or perhaps at right price. Caveat etc.”

The first question asked the Magic Robot for
”help in finding a good recipe for duck ragout” Sounds innocent enough.

Robot says:
My friend Kettner aka E.S Dallas and I have seen your cunning plot!
Ragout of Duck? The word that gives it away is ragoût.
Duck Stew does not have the same je ne sais quoi? Does it?
How about a Contise of duck? [Stack] or a Chartreuse [a concealment] of the same? Too plebeian?
But ragout also poses a different dilemma. Not only are we perceived to be gilding the lily in English but if we have to mix our languages,at least then let’s give them a considered title. The French are disdainful of the word ragoût because it ignores the rich chorus of words that describe specific “stews”.
Matelote –Fresh water fish. Civet of Hare. Gibelote of Rabbit. Fricassee of Chicken. Compôte of pigeon. Daube of Beef. Navarin of Lamb. And many more.
Dallas says a Salmi of Duck is preferred, the term for a “ragoût” of winged creatures. Robot also approves.

Stewing duck is in the traditional way poses some difficulties as duck meat does not like being simmered in anything other than its own fat for initial cooking. So first slowly roast the duck or prepare a confit [another can of words] then prepare your stew. The duck can be portioned and the bones, offal and giblets used to make the sauce.

Salmi of Duck
Suggested garnishes:
Green olives and wild onions with thyme?
Chestnuts, juniper berries and Pinot Noir?
Small turnips, garlic and cabbage?

But that’s really for Autumn.

This week I made a passable supper with some roast Chinese duck and a garnish of spiced Morello cherries [see a previous post] and a salad of succulents?

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