Monday, 19 January 2009

New Cooking Classes 2009

Cooking Classes 2009

New Cooking Classes for 2009 will commence on Monday March 2
Classes begin at 9.30 for 10 am with a good coffee and a snack before we sit down informally to discuss the days cooking. Bread baking in one form or other is always covered in every class and the wood oven is often also used if the occasion calls for it.
The new format will be to prepare a four course seasonal lunch utilising the freshest and most interesting ingredients we can source from as close to Sunnybrae as possible.
The maximum class size is 12 which allows time to cover any specific questions or techniques that each participant may wish to explore.
Often a class takes a completely different direction to the one we have planned from input by the group . While we take our work seriously and try to provide as much accurate information as possible we also like to enjoy our kitchen adventures while cooking as well as tasting some fine wines around the dining table. Convivialityand conversation is a big part of the experience of cooking and dining together at Sunnybrae.
All cases are hands on, but not like a formal class room, we divide all the tasks between the group and I demonstrate all techniques as required. We pick whatever is suitable from the garden and also from the gardens of our neighbours.
You can also request certain techniques or use of ingredients with which you may not have much confidence or things that you may enjoy, but do not often get the chance to cook.
We sit down to lunch around 1.30pm and partners or friends can join us for lunch for $55 per person.
Please bring an apron or you can purchase one of Diane’s design.
Good sensible shoes, a sharp knife as well as a good sense of humour/adventure are also welcome.
Costs $110 person including wines and GST or $100 per person for groups of 4 or moreStandby: Call one day before on the Sunday and if there is room the same discount applies. Telephone bookings only 03 52362276

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