Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dolcetti a Sicillian Sweetheart

There is a new star on Victoria Street!

Dolcetti the new pasticeria by Marianna Di Bartolo.
Many will know of Marianna’s delicious Sicilian pastries from her previous bakery in Brunswick but this is the realisation of a dream. Located in a shopfront at 223 Victoria Street West Melbourne, 2 doors down from Don Camillo [best original intact 50’s cafe in Melbourne] is must-do pilgrimage for pastry lovers. Superb hand made delicacies, to die for bombolini, exquisite panna cotta pastries with vanilla wicks,
nougat to dream about, tiny jewels of pastry in a reincarnation of the site of a 1960’s original cake shop. While doing the renovations she found the original terrazzo floor made up of samples of left over tiles indicating a frugal but stylish original owner. The tiles extend all the way into the kitchen. But its not the tiles but the sweets that cast a very bright light... wow!


Thermomixer said...

Tante grazie George. We'll visit the shop soon. The nougat looks great. Done with love.

Lazy baker said...

Will they be opening a branch in New York soon George?


Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...


she woud not be out of place..

Cherry Blossom Cupcakes said...

Thanks so much for posting this, I will be taking my Sicillian friend there for some yummy dolci ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Marianna is the toast of West (and North) Melbourne.

Everything is made on the premises, all cakes and pastries are made from seasonal produce.

My tip is to go early as the canoles and other treats sell out early.