Thursday, 16 July 2009

Follow the Gumboots and Cane Baskets

Busy week unable to post, but thought you might like to see the original photos from a story I wrote recently for the Age. Published a week ago.
The concierge at the hotel said in his best Chairman Kaga (flamboyant “Iron Chef” host) voice, “Follow the coloured gumboots and cane baskets”........
For the full story click the link below

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Thermomixer said...

Great article (as always) George. Wonder if anybody is likely to take up producing live elvers for sale out ti the Western District ? Saw them being used on one of the food programmes (old and can't recall) on the Food channel recently.

Also recall in the film Le Grand Chemin, the girl Martine putting a handfull of live elvers down Loius' pants.

What ideas did you get for the uzu ?