Thursday, 10 December 2009


[Cookery] a small piece of something, esp a piece of toast or fried bread eaten with soup or gravy.
[used as a diminutive of sop]

From the exhibition of the year.
Is John Brack our most inspired artist?

Seen in Victoria St Brunswick. How one grapevine became a vineyard and ate the carport.

The perfect Xmas present for a budding little Heston Jnr.

Would you ask for this to be heated up in a restaurant?

The joy of sharing a plate


At Christmas lunch remember to save some room for desert.


Like this raspberry tart.
 Classic lemon Tart as per Roux Brothers but add an elegant sufficiency [where are you Stephanie?] of ripe raspberries.....

PS the brothers Roux forgot to tell us to warm the filling before adding to the hot blind baked tart shell. This stops the filling from separting into two layers while cooking.


Thermomixer said...

Ah, those sneaky chefs - not giving all the necessary info to recreate a dish at home.

Thanks for the pics. Love the grapevine - I see they've had to install a rain-water tank to keep up with its thirst !!

Dr Dreadful looks a bit more like Thomas Keller (in the hair department).

Did the parents also ask for sharing plates for the baby food, or did they just eat it from the packet?

Is that a cactus in my desert?

Have a good Christmas at the 'brae

Stephanie said...

Hi Dear George....I'm here... wish I'd had time to do something for Menu for Hope... never year. Wish I was in Victoria so i could bid for your contribution...have a great Christmas...

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

Hi Stephanie,

Have a great 2010


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