Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Return of The Fearless Vampire Killers

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
And the Alburrian Ambassador
Cordially Invite You to
The Return of the Fearless Vampire Killers
Saturday March 13 and Sunday March 14
A Celebration of garlic in all its forms.
Begin with a gartini
Followed by 5 courses of seasonal Sunnybrae specialities
Highlighting the many forms of the stinking rose
With matching wines
No garlic in the desserts but there will be savouries
During the afternoon there will be a
COOKWIZ With a 10 Kilo Prize
$110 including wines
Book early before the program goes into the paper in February


Thermomixer said...

Thanks for the heads up - might have to get there before the Ides of March.

Why not a garlic ice cream - sure it would be suitable. Maybe a good sausage instead o dessert?

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

Because garlic ice cream is like blue cheese ice cream, a bit too try hard. The meal will be balanced showing agrlic in lots of strong and also subtle ways.
We will as STATED have savouries for those who do not wish to end sweet.

Thermomixer said...

Ahha - yes, I see there will be savoury options - I should have read more slowly and thoroughly, and certainly should know that you cater for the likes of me. Ta

BTW I still prefer the blue cheese and white chocolate bavarois at Tetsuya's and Stephanie's (savoury) garlic custards to many dessert options, even if that might border on try hard - sad - but am trying at the best of times.


Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

No need to apologise but I think that even the Gods of Tetsuya and Stephanie may choose to omit a garlic dessert after a full garlic menu but what would I know? There will as we both now know be savoury options for those hard core garlic lovers and sweets for others. The savoury courses that we offer bring out the best of those that do not wish to finish sweet. Some may even finish with another gartini.
The foodkwiz may just have a related question to your concerns, like who was the first to have a garlic ice cream on their menu?
Julia Child
Alice Waters
Jeremiah Towers
or All or None of the above
Bonus points for the year


Thermomixer said...

Have to do some research at home. Chez Panisse certainly has had garlic ice cream. Not sure what menus Child had. Maybe Towers did the garlic ice cream while at Alice's restaurant?

Marinetti may have looked at gelati into the future, but probably kept the garlic for savoury dishes.

Gotta get a life that doesn't expand my stomach and frustrate the brain.

Alison said...

Have booked for lunch on the 13th and feeling hungry already. It looks as though we had better do a bit of garlic research before then. And I would like to say thank you George for maintaining your blog in the age of twitter - especially when your list of things to do makes me feel exhausted just reading it. There are people out here interested in what you have to say and capable of digesting more than one sentence at a time.

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

Hi Alison, looking forward to meeting you.
On Twitter- serves a purpose I guess? but I dont know how people have the time to keep up with it?

Thermomixer said...

Good luck with the lunches. Sorry I couldn't be there. We hope to be organised enough to get there beginning of May.

Sure it will be fantastic. Hope all in the kitchan have a fun weekend too. Love and best.