Monday, 15 March 2010

A Change of Season

No I have not abandoned the blog, gone to tweetworld or suffering from alcoholic amnesia; just a bad case of Telstranitis.
While this temporary hiatus has been holding me back from pestering you here, it seems that more and more people are reading when I am not posting so there could be a lesson in it?
But thanks for your concern; all is better now with a new electric wireless thingie that lets you use my bandwidth while parked on the Cape Otway Road.

Almost as soon as I turn my back summer has slipped away and we have glorious autumnal days with cool dew filled mornings full of ripe surprises in the garden.

In the month since I have updated the site the garden has reached a screaming crescendo...

Why don’t we see Tomatillo in the markets? We have about a ton coming into full ripeness all self sown with a flavour that puts a smile on even the most experienced foodie[see later] .

Nectarines with cardamom, peaches in saffron syrup, figs in verbena yuzu cordial have been giving the stove and preserving pan a good seeing to. The salad garden is a riot of samphire, mustard greens, cos, purslane all rushing into a seedy surge of frenzy. [gardeners amongst you will dig it]

Classes have started with a bang, the tomatoes are screaming “ pick me! pickle me! dry me! sauce me now!!!

While the olives are scaring me with a later than planned ripening. I am negotiating a deal with them that if they ripen before we go on holidays [Its not Constantinople] they will get a new fusti for the oil.

But flavour of the week has been Garlic duck fat and Blood!

Click HERE for the full the Fearless Vampire Killer Cookkwiz There is a prize of a cooking school spot for 2 for the best entry. Answers with question numbers on the comments will do.


steve said...

Hi Geo, so glad you're back!
but please reassure me that the third lsat pic is not of Brendan Fervola & Lara Bingle doung an 'Illicit' class? I couldn't cope with the magnitude of your expose!!

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

Good spotting Steve but its not Lara.

neil said...

George, if you framed all these questions without the use of any reference books, I'd be seriously impressed. Can probably answer about three from the top of my head and make educated guesses about a couple more, but the answer to 46 is definitely me!

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

Bugger the educated guesses the best answers were much more original. Cheers Oscar.