Friday, 10 May 2013

Really Blewitts and Holidays

I haven’t been out looking for fungi yet this year but after the last bit of rain [the Otways got a good sprinkling a week or so ago] I thought it could be right and  I slipped out after prep yesterday and found these wonderful Wood Blewitts [Lepista Nuda] up on the ridge at Bambra lots of pines [lactariuus deliciosa] also with a sprinkling of parasols and slippery jacks [suillus luteus] . But its been a very long time since I have seen a good bloom of Blewitts. Just as with all fungi its very wise to be extremely cautions before eating any thing new fungi or whatever...
There is another beautiful fungus called Cortinarius Acheri  that is quite a bit like it.
You can see the colour is comparable as is the main shapes of the head and gills. But the stalk is different it does not have a veil or remnants of the Cortina that defines the Cortinarious group.
The spores are different and there is about 23 steps in the formal identification of which 3 important ones require a microscope.
They were delicious, deeply flavoured like a very good horse mushroom meaty and earthy.

The table this morning was laden with gleaned and foraged goodies from here and our neighbours.
The change of season is strong.

We are starting the annual break next week  Sunnybrae reopens on June 8
Booking Line is open while on our break 52362276 
Olive Picking weekend May 25 and 26 see below.

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