Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Clearing Sale BBQ and a Major Downsize Sunday August 25

We are trying to be as free of reflective nostalgia as one can be after living somewhere for over 30 years and then moving to a small modernist house.
 We are both incorrigible collectors and we are shedding 80% of our accumulated paraphernalia deciding which books, pictures, furniture and other bits and pieces to keep or leave for the clearing sale  A  liberating process to de-clutter in one go. Full kitchen kit including most of the copper is going.
 We sorted the cookbooks the other day and I have released about 400 volumes. A lot of old friends will be finding new shelves. I am not sure how to lot them up for the sale?  Whether in strict subject categories or bunches of interesting contrasts? If we go with the  subject matter then, say, 10  books on fungi will possibly have only a limited appeal and the specialistcollector/ buyer may already have a couple. I think the books are to be lotted up in diverse half shelves punctuated by an object like manual Husquavarna ice cream machine in mint condition with the original recipe book containing savoury ices from the sixties to break up the lots. We had to use it once when the power went out. Desperate stuff for a restaurant but quite clever for a home...perhaps it should go to Kyneton instead of the Carpagiani Pronto 8 which is in my mind the most efficient  ice cream machine ever made. Pacojet does not count it’s not Gelati. I went to the Carpigiani factory in Bologna last year and had one of the most enjoyable staff lunches in the canteen with a group of about 30 students at the Gelato University where in the class that I attended they were making tiny bite sized gelato in the shape of a soccer ball with the logo of all the international football logos of the students in the class. There were four Australians all Carlton supporters there along with Africans, Sri Lankans, French, Argentinians and quite a few Italians that also made their local team colours. A bit like a 3D gelati printer.  They were all made with pure fruit extracts that were grown and made in Italy.  Lunch in staff cafeteria was mussels with garlic chilli and parsley-- a rabbit stew with polenta  and a wedge of Parmigiano and  Apple.  Bread  beer or wine in the last fridge and a big coffee station. Really flavourful.
 It’s a sixties modernist factory on one level with open and  divided spaces where each machine is assembled and final metal finishing is done one machine at a time. All components are made in Italy. Steve Martin is moonlighting as there as a Professore at the Gelato Univerita but no sign of his banjo.
They were setting up the Gelato Museum with all the antique machines about to go into the new building.
The big question is?? How to much of anything to keep? The next kitchen will be a small outdoor space and a small indoor space which is complete. The archival material is going to the State Library.   

It will be a social sale About 200 lots some light refreshments, wine.
Barbeque and bar Sunday August 25 Viewing  from 9am Sale begins  11am   
Mark  Stone from Woodlands Auctions is doing the sale. Full catalog on the day. 
Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Eftpos, Cash and Cheques with I.D


Carpigiani Gelato Univeristy said...

Hi there! We are coming to Melbourne on the 25-27th of October for the third stop od the Gelato World Tour, the first worldwide Gelato "Olympics"! Hope to see u there! For more information www.gelatoworldtour.com or contact me at stellacassanelli@carpigiani.it

Anonymous said...

Dear George and Dianne, thanks for opening your beautiful house and garden to us, the public, and for the wonderful food you provided at relatively modest prices. We enjoyed your hospitality.
We went to your auction on Sunday and bought three enamelled cast iron small frying pans as much as a souvenir of our enjoyment of your way of doing things and the times we spent at your restaurant (not as many as I would have liked, but c'est la vie) as because we like using that sort of pan. We've already used them several times.
I hope you enjoy to the full this next phase of your life.