Thursday, 13 December 2007

Preservation Day

Time to Load the Larder
Busy day in Melbourne organising new equipment. I always relish a visit to Consante Imports 377 Bell Street Preston an Aladdin's cave for all things to do with home preserving. Here you enter the world of home made salami, olive oil, wine. cheese and much more. Resisted the urge to buy a new Fusti to hold next years oil, I was very tempted to buy a grappa still but scored some new garden tools and containers for the coming preserving season. Chances are if you have any reservations about any preserving techniques there will be someone in the shop either staff or customers discussing the very thing that you are chasing. This is a shop for all seasons. This month at Sunnybrae we will be putting down spiced cherries both Morello and sweet, chillies, peppers, making cassis, jams. But the favourite December harvest is white peaches. Our tree always comes good just before Christmas. After mongeing too many for our own good its time to make the Bellini Mix. Simply pass the fresh white peach flesh through a fine moulli add some lemon juice to taste and just enough sugar syrup to enhance the natural flavour of the peaches.I also add a very small amount of pure vanilla extract. We freeze this in small 500ml containers for as long as they last....
If you are new to the preserving game Consante stocks copies of Pietro Demaio's great book "Preserving The Italian Way" The book is clear, simple and an excellent volume for new and experienced home preservers. Pietro also has a blog on this site. The Memoirs Foundation that published the book is another wonderful organisation that works towards the preservation of private family traditions.

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