Sunday, 30 December 2007

What a difference a Cray makes....

She rang early .
" Can we come for lunch? I'm showing the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles to a mate. Can we bring anything?"
Instantly a friendship continues.
She had taken us to our first French restaurant, Julien in Faubourg St-Denis.
Cassoulet, with a Poire William sorbet at the end of the meal. The midnight drive to see the Corbusier houses, hot grogs at La Palette.
When she was in Singapore it was a sunset and pepper crab at East-coast Parkway, followed by the best duck popiah in town for breakfast. We paid her back one year with fresh foie gras and Tokai Aszu in Budapest.
But the best is always at home, hers or ours, without the distraction of waiters or any ceremony. More time to fill in the gaps.
Do a little cooking. ………..
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This time of year always makes us a little Crayzy.
Best Wishes for 2008

First Published in The Age Jan 24 2004

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