Monday, 21 January 2008

Magic Robot Replies

The Magic Robot on the side of the screen is from a 1950’s Board Game it features a futuristic atomic age plastic robot figure that sits on a mirror. To play the game you direct the pointer to the question and then place it on another mirror and it magically turns and gives you the answer. But this version is for questions culinary although a few others have crept in.

From S.W. Is Diane still making her collages? They were such a strong part of the Sunnybrae experience.

My word she is, although the style has changed considerably. Instead of the Victorian decoupage look she has been working in a much broader style.

She has combined painting with collage in some work. This screen was made from vegetable boxes and is now at Vince and Rosas market in Geelong appropriately as thats where most of the boxes came from.
The latest series is called Sex Kittens.

I will set up a blog for her in the near future to exhibit more of her work. She has completed a number of screens and her work has featured at the Linden Postcard exhibition and she stole the show at the Fitzroy Football Art show with her Geelong Football Club “Keep a Lid on It” that was the first piece to sell. Unfortunately I did not take a photo of it.

From Fun Guy: How can you tell the quality of Shiitake mushrooms and what is the best way to cook them?

The grading of Shiitake is an art in itself. Generally the thickest darkest fungi that have deep white creases when dried are considered superior. They are referred to as “flower mushrooms” or Donko grade, the thinner caps are called “love letters” in Japanese. Elizabeth Chong in a Melb Food and Wine Masterclass demonstrated that a very hot smoking wok is needed to cook them to develop most of the flavour.
From Darling Grace. I remember the Dim Sims from the Grace Darling Hotel [ that dates me] can you pass on the recipe?

Gee that goes back to 1979! As you have reminded me, we served them in the bar at the Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood and every second Saturday the publican Peter Charleston [who did the footy stats at 3KZ] would bring back Jack [Captain Blood] Dyer and Bob Davis to the pub for an after-the-game session. Jack loved the dimmies but one Saturday the bar manager, Freddy [Brownlow Legend] Goldsmith came into the kitchen and said that God wanted to speak to the cook. I sheepishly went to face the legend and as he sat at the bar he skulled a ramekin of the chilli dipping sauce and said “Son, you’ve been watering it down!”

Chicken and Ginger Dim Sims
A simple Dim Sum Aussie style.

Serves 6
30 Won Ton wrappers
500g minced skinless chicken thighs
1 medium onion cut into small pieces
Two small pieces of ginger cut into pieces
2 cloves of garlic
Half a small carrot
Half a bunch of coriander
A small red chilli deseeded and cut into small pieces
Juice of one lime a small splash of fish sauce
30ml of ketchap manis [Conimex Brand]
10ml Kikoman soy sauce
30g bean shoots 30g pea shoots for garnish

Crush the garlic, one of the pieces of ginger, chilli and half of the coriander in a mortar and pestle. Mix with the ketchap manis, soy, lime juice and fish sauce. Taste.
Mix half of this mixture with the chicken, carrot, onion, the rest of the coriander and the other piece of ginger and mince or put through a food processor. Fry off a little and taste. Adjust the seasoning to your taste. A little Tabasco is good.

To make the dim sims spoon a little of the chicken mixture on to each wrapper and bring up the sides to make a dim sims, the top can be open.

Steam for about 10 minutes and serve on the sauce and shoots. Add more Chilli if there is a Blood in the bar.

From Alistair:
You mentioned planting Charentais Melons in an earlier post can we buy them in Victoria?

I am not sure, I heard that there were some being sold a couple of years ago but not recently. They are not difficult to grow and ripen well in a Victorian Summer. I hope they will be grown in greater numbers as they have an exquisite perfume as well as flavour. Ask at Stall 83 at the Victoria Market or Fratelli Fresh in Sydney.

From J.R. Magic Robot Says NO!

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