Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Let it Blett

We all need something we can blett on
And baby you can blett on me.
We all need someone we can feed on And if you want it, well you can feed on me.
Take my heart, take my flesh,
Oh baby don't you take my
underripe, astringent, extremely unpleasant tannic fruit until I’m well and truly bletted…

Then you can blett on me..

These questions come up over the table, quiet meal before a busy day.

Our guest from Sydney asks about the persimmon, fecund? ripe? no bletted... a strange word that really has but one meaning, that of a medlar [top photo] when it attains full ripeness. Medlars are a strange fruit of the subfamily Maloideae of the family Rosaceae. They ripen after they fall and can only be eaten after they lose all their bitter tannic rather unpleasant flavour. They are great paired with a strong blue cheese, game or perhaps pork?.

Persimmon is another fruit that bletts. In full season now they come in two main varieties one of which is non astringent [Fuyu] and can be eaten firm but I prefer the astringent varieties that have a jelly like texture when ripe and a subtle flavour that is hard to describe. I think they taste like chestnuts, earthy slightly sweet but with a texture that makes them unique. We are serving them with a dry chocolate and cardamom creme and on the side the fruit bathed in a jasmine tea flavoured custard.

There are still some places left in this years fungi foray on this coming Monday June 2

To book tel 52362276.

There has been 30mm of rain over the past week so we may get lucky.


Anonymous said...

Sunday superb
the doctor

Anonymous said...

Let us not get too poisanal about the the persimmon.after all it is only a squishy astringent fruit,what i want to know is what the fuck do youdo with them.

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

Up close and poisanal is about the best you can do with a persimmon. Its a zen thing taste it and the texture and taste will show you where to use it.
You could freeze it in liquid nitrogen, sclice it into nano-slices and dress it with vanilla seeds? but raw, bletted and spooned with your favourite armangnac is OK..

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

Hio doc
I hope to see your scalpel skill in class again, thanks.