Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Nick [Santa] Haddow lives on Bruny Island

Xmas came early this year. Nick Haddow and his industrious little elves from the Bruny Island Cheese company sent us this little box of bliss this week.
Five extraordinary cheeses.

Diane and I sat down after work to explore this true artisan statement, but where to start…

1792 is the date that the French first set foot on Tasmanian soil. This cheese presented on a sliver of Huon pine filled the room with a vintage aroma that permeated our consciousness as we devoured its unctuous interior.
The inevitable question popped up, much discussed when the wine and the cheese give you that Gallic groove.
What if the French got established here first and stayed? Mmmm
Nick comes from an alternate cheese universe and 1792 is a key to the portal The link is bellow.

The next night we had a visit from cheese Gabriel named for the Angel messenger [Nick’s nomenclature is pure Haddow]
The milk comes from a herd of Toutenberg goats that graze high above the Huon valley. This cheese was alive and Gabriel’s message was clear. The box needed Norman Lindsay’s magical pudding spell cast upon it. More please.
Then came the Penny Dropping moment His name is C2 or C squared a Slow cheese traveling at the speed of light?
This will change the way cheese is made in this country forever.
[ask Nick to explain]


The following night in this scheherezade of cheese was for the Bastard. Half ewe’s milk half cow’s milk. And what a bastard it is when it was finished!

TOM and half a bottle of Farr’s Sangreal Pinot left over from the bytheglass stash will complete the set.

Tardis! take us to Bruny Island.
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Ran said...

oh yum! i am in heaven just looking at these photos

Thermomixer said...

No Oen? - maybe the vines are bare?

Hopefully C^2 will be part of the new breed of cheeses from a raw new world.

The Gabriel does look heaven-sent.

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

Theres also ODO one day old, Saint white mould, oTTo with cured pork covering, Lewis hard goats cheese, Barney a god blue?, and the pressings with grape pressing cover. As well as the OEN. We will be featuring them for quite a while but not neglecting our own districts brilliant Meredith Cheeses.
Are you going on Tueday to the Bayview?

Thermomixer said...

Grand View - Tuesday 7th? Hopefully, if there are still places, we will be there.

Can't forget Sandy & Julie's cheeses (with a little help from Will S. & RT). Do they sell their baby lambs in Melb? or is that another "deal"?