Friday, 24 October 2008

New Christmas Cooking Classes 2008

Towards an Australian Christmas

From November 10 all our Monday classes will be focussed on Christmas cooking with menus that hopefully give the cooks, as well as the guests time to relax, monster the relatives and generally not get too many knickers into too many twists.

The classes will cover planning the shopping and spreading the preparation time over a few days to minimise any anxiety that the cooks may have.

Cooks seem to get into such a dither about food at Christmas. In the last few years during Diane’s and my “civilian period” it’s been yabbies from the top dam or crayfish from Apollo Bay.

When I say top dam, I have to explain the top dam was where all the yabbies that survived the restaurant Sunday lunches were released over the years with a view to seeding this dam for later.
We forgot about them till the following Christmas time and of course they had bred up and grown to a rather good size. For many years they provided a simple solution to the focus of the Christmas feast.
This year there is hardly any water in the dams so any yabbies that may have dug-in for the dry will be spared.

Planning a Christmas lunch involves capturing the spirit of the occasion with dishes suited to our climate. Victoria with its Mediterranean climate and seasons reversed means that care has to be taken with some traditional English Christmas dishes. But with some clever planning a great spread can be enjoyed that both encapsulates the cultural background of your family while paying respect to the season, the market and the garden.

A worry free day can be achieved with good planning, and a few early market visits early to get acquainted with availability is essential.
Many suppliers are taking orders now especially if specialty poultry is involved. A good list of suppliers will also be available.
Each class will cover a multi course banquet that captures the sense of occasion in great style with a minimum of stress for all the participants.

Dates Christmas Cooking Classes
Mondays on November 10 November 17 November 24
December 8 and December 15
Times 9.30 for 10 am start finish about 3.30
$110 per person $100 per person for groups of 4 or more Bookings 03 52362276

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