Monday, 1 June 2009


When travelling by train a
Geisha always takes the Nozomi

When choosing a 78 player, always choose a timber horn over a metal or even paper mache one.

At a multiplex you can have a tofu wasabi and rice cream made in a Japanese Pacojet

The best coffee in Kyoto is served in fine porcelain Noritake.

By Australian standards Japanese food importation laws are irresponsible.

The pink salt in watermelon and salt Kit Kats is from the Himalayas

In the land of many many pickles onions are exotic.

To relocate the Tsukiji Fish market to polluted ground over the river may be a drastic mistake.

Double click the photos for the big picture.

Thank you Wilma for holding the bookings line all is operational from the weekend.... no there won't be any sashimi of fugu this week.

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Lazy baker said...

Great looking trip,but better that your back, miss looking at your food and reading your wonderful posts!