Friday, 1 January 2010

Gastrodamus or The List I Write Every Day.

I would like to wish all readers a very safe, humorous and of course highly opinionated New Year....
We got 20mm rain overnight, one of the best beginnings to a new year for a long time.
No time for the obligatory Best Of or Gastrodamus [new Gastrodamus blog?] list [GMAB] instead , I’m posting the list I write every day
The Prep List.

This list usually grows as the day gets going. Dishes to be tweaked today include 2 new desserts, set up for new lamb dish, pillau strategy, remmber what a no fructose diet is? And so on..

For all of you cooking today I salute you, those of you grazing remember the cooks are also having fun.

Friday Jan 1 2010

Rory To Pick and Wash.

Aptenia one large bucket, Garlic pearls small bucket, Rucheta big bucket, Tarragon small container
Rock Samphire 4l box, fennel shoots for soup, Chives large bunch for soup, parsley as much as possible, bay leaves for panna cotta and stocks, zucchini flowers 20, nasturtiums for both days.
Oregano, sage, thyme, Perilla, lovage small containers, big bowl of lemon verbena. peach and raspberry leaves small amount. As much purslane as possible, all ripe berries, 3 cucumbers, all courgettes, savoury, Big bucket of rhubarb, oak leaf and cos. Horseradish.


Rreduce all stocks
Red wine stock, hare infusion over veal stock, morello stock, porcini stock
Caponata base, un-cure salmon and pork.
Dressings and salads, check watermelons. Beetroot relish, clean asian herbs.
Spice mix for lamb and shrimp spice and garlic oil, tomato oil, pilau kit.
Aioli, Mayo, Anchoiade, Remoulade,
Poach and skin sweetbreads, cook Malabar and leeks, cut red caps. Cook staff lunch.
Make hare crepinettes, Turkey garnish, peel and poach turnips,
Pancake mix, cook poppyseed filling, crème Anglaise, panna cottas, brullee
New Berry dessert, slow cook rhubarb, mangoes pureed, saffron mascarpone.
Clean passionfruit, make orange marmalade, Ice cream base, set all ice creams ready to churn Sat.
Sorbet base lemon verbena and cassis, star anis Anglaise for pav filling, cardamom mint syrup for cherries, de pip cherries.
 Refresh starter, make big biga.
Set wood oven
Re read Frank Morehouse's Loose Living


Thermomixer said...

Good to hear that the rains came - hopefully no damage.

Sounds busy as always. What is in the Malabar ? Might have to get off the btm and come down to find out?

I will be cooking - no rest for the wicked - just need to get my list in order after looking in the firdge/pantry/garden.

Another Outspoken Female said...

Happy New Year to you and yours - isn't this rain delightful!

Love it that there's some light reading on your to do list :)

Excuse my culinary ignorance but what is Malabar?

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

Malabar spinach or Ceylon Spinach

All explained in Its Good To Be Green post link on the sidebar.

Using it as a strudel with leeks orange zest and dill wrpped in Yufka pastry [also on side bar] or use the search this blog to find the post.
Still constant drizzle all day.
Loose Living.. have you read it Ms Outspoken? My current fave re-read for holidays.

Lazy baker said...

Happy Cooking!

Cheers George!

morgana said...

We got 34 mls on New year's eve and another 10 the next evening. Our main rd between St Andrews and Kinglake was inundated and subject to another road block, this time due to raging waterfalls and fast flowing creeks. It was a fitting end to an awful year. I loved reading your prep list: it made me feel exhausted and in need of a foot bath. I also would like to know what a Malabar is - something Indian perhaps? Happy New year and thanks for the inspiring blog: I am re-establishing my self sufficient garden in a new post -fire home.

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

Hello Morgana
Malabar spinach or ceylon spinach or mong toi in Vietnamese can strike from cuttings but needs heat and lots of water. There is an entry on this site under "good to be green"
To a better year...