Tuesday, 12 October 2010

And then the Rains Came

After 10 years all the dams are full

The fruit trees have a new lease of life.

Stars of the Royal Melbourne Show


Darby said...

Darby in Sicily says


Anonymous said...

Beautiful chooks - Where they on November 1 2010? Our class was fascinated about the connection beween alpacas, chooks and foxes. We found that"Individual alpacas have been very successfully run with sheep, goats and poultry to act as fox guards. The alpacas tend to bond with the foster herd and they are naturally aggressive towards foxes. If running with different livestock, alpacas will pick up the internal parasites associated with the other animals and should be put on the same drenching regime. Because of the risk of the alpacas being kicked, caution should be used if running them with cattle or horses. "

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

On 30th October same ones I guess? Alpacas, chooks and foxes dominated the table talk yesterday at class.....still too hard here the foxes have got them all over the years.