Thursday, 19 May 2011

Notes from the 18th Australian Symposium of Gastronomy.

3 Easy Pieces
 Old Parliament House Canberra,  to discuss some  historical and modern questions of Gastronomy with Federation as the focal point.
The full papers will be available in time  at..
It begins with a debate whether we should legislate for good food?
 Won decisively by the Negative.
 Less regulation would be better for “food matters”
Belated question through the Chair [Alan Saunders]
Would the honourable Leader of the Opposition [Robin Archer] oppose the bill from the Independent from Whoorel that legislates to allow naturally fermented meats, cheese [in all its forms]  and fresh wild  game to be made and sold openly?

Lunch in the old Members Dining Room [silky oak conservative neo Griffin grand dining room]
Denis Dowell  points to a lone picnic on the lawns halfway up to New Parliament house while Michael Symons delivers the final paper. Denis has the perfect perspective, the One  Continuous Picnic lives on.

Last Night
Sat next to Ian Bersten who took me inside the coffee cup deeper than I have ever been.

Outside at the aboriginal embassy I bot a light and warm myself in front of the fire that has been burning for 40 years.

Breakfast in the old kitchen, the range was made in StKilda
Coffee and a gutsy conversation before the flight

Thank you Mary Brander for your generous hospitality.

 and David for showing me this.

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steve said...

Hi George-I loved the 15th Symposium down here in Dover, it felt like everyone I bumped into and listened to, spoke a common language.