Thursday, 1 September 2011

How the National Food Plan Stole My Homework

As some of you have been reminding me I have been slack and not updating the blog for ages.So let me know which if any of these you would like expanded?

How it feels to roast your first batch of Coffee Peruvian,  Table Top, and Ethiopian Yirgfacheffe?
And is it a fallacy to wait for 3 days before brewing a freshly roasted batch? 

How to dress and age Wild Stubble and Brown quail with straw from the fields where it was shot?

Update on the Khorasan and Spelt trials now in its 3rd Month ?
The Khorasan is winning by about 6 inches despite being sown a month later?

Is the first chapter of Grand Days by Frank Moorhouse the most appetising first chapter of any book?

How to make Capocollo?

How much cheese whey is added to generic supermarket milk?
Will anyone review Modernist Food or is it too heavy? 6 Kilos of ink.
How the upcoming wholesale fish market move has already changed the way you buy fish?
Why the National Food Plan, arguably the most important policy initiative that our little part of the blogsphere  seems to be obsessed with has been largely  ignored in both the mainstream and new media? Submissions are due on the 2nd Sept I have been trying to submit a response and will post it if I can?
Is there someone out there who could help me to redo the format of  this blog in a less clunky way?
And the only really serious question -
Will Geelong make it to the Grand Final?  


neil said...

I shot quail over pointers many moons ag, so I vote for an expansion on that topic. Many folk are calling a Collingwood vs Hawthorn GF, but I'd like to see your Cats there.

claire said...

I'd like to see your take on Capocollo, would like to see if it differs from my Nonno's method!

Thermomixer said...

Go Catters. Q is will they win again?

Please fill us in on Grand Days, the fishy business & more episodes from your upcoming novel.

Hope my Italian mate David was well behaved yesterday.

Hi to Di & the four-legged friends.


Anonymous said...

More quail please, the wild quail we were lucky enough to taste at Sunnybrae a few weeks back were delicious, but very gamey - not for the faint hearted.. did you hanf them awhile ?

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

Hi annon so glad you enjoyed the quail post now up

Hi Jeff cant really do justice to Grand Days here but have you read Loose Living?

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

The most important question has now been answered Go Cats!

Thermomixer said...


Great times in the town.

Sunnybrae and all who sail in her said...

Hi Jeff best win yet hope you saw it live in Paris. Hope they have kept up the maintainence on the old ancestral house...and dusted the Rodins.