Friday, 13 December 2013

New Growth

The gardens in Kyneton are magnificent exceptional trees, explosions of colour, vigorous growth We were determined to start a small domestic vegetable garden as soon as possible and after 3 months we are back to normal sourcing all our salads and  herbs from just outside the kitchen.. Tomatoes will be ready for Christmas and new year  the fruit trees have taken well and the  new collection of flavorful species is growing.
The racecourse is close by and there is a pick- up- your own small depot for  horse manure mixed with sawdust . and unlimited piles of  deciduous leaves piled up in the gutters This is gold for making compost.
We started the tomatoes in tree guards with a peg to keep the earlier frosts at bay. You can warm the beds naturally by adding a good deep layer of manure with decayed leaves at the bottom of the garden beds before adding the soil. A bit like an ecological electric blanket... makes the seeds sprout quickly and the growth has been magnificent.  We started with an equal mix of compost, mushroom medium, and soil enriched with some blood and bone and potash. I had to take some of my own advice [always dangerous]
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