Tuesday, 6 May 2008


We had a dress rehearsal on Sunday with a group of winemakers and some of the usual suspects in the dining room to help us iron out a few bugs to get this little restaurant machine operational again.
If I was to create a training course on how to open a new restaurant Jacques Tati’s 1967 movie Playtime would be compulsory viewing at the last session. It is shot in magnificent 70mm with such rich detail that it takes a couple of viewings to appreciate the full magnificence of the direction and cinematography. M. Hulot is back in a futuristic and oh-so-stylish Paris culminating in the some of the best restaurant chaos on film. A bus load of American tourists visit a just-about to open large Parisian restaurant.
While we had fun on Sunday it was possibly not quite so much as they had in Playtime.
Playtime in a restaurant is a luxury, but as with a pool, nothing beats diving in at the deep-end.

Here’s a youtube clip that does not do justice to it best seen on the very big screen.

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