Friday, 19 December 2008

Menu For hope

Menu for Hope is a worldwide blogging event that raises money for needy causes. Last year’s Menu for Hope raised over $90K. In case you’re wondering about what happened to that money, here’s a little report from the World Food Program.
It bought 388,000 meals in Lesotho schools, which fed over 19,000 poor hungry children with school meals for a whole month. The children received food in primary schools across the remote mountainous areas of Lesotho, which are the poorest and hungriest parts of the country.
Some of the money was used to buy food from local small scale farmers practicing sustainable farming methods in remote areas, providing them with guaranteed market for their products. In 2007, the WFP bought 8 tons of maize from local farmers. In 2008, with the funds from Menu for Hope 4, we bought 36 tons of maize from small scale farmers, four times as much as the year before. This increase is very important, as showing the promise of a reliable market encourages farmers to invest more on their farms and in turn produce more.
By donating $10 you receive a ticket in a lottery to receive a prize that you nominate. A list of prizes and how to make a donation can be found at
Sunnybrae is donating a table for 2 for any available date with some of the best wines that we have including museum stocks of Bannockburn wines and good champagne. Our prize code is AP19.
Ed Charles’ is hosting the Australian prizes at that include some real ripper deals.
Chez Pim is the originator of the scheme and more details can be found at

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