Friday, 14 January 2011

C 2 And Now It's Legal

Nick [Santa] Haddow and his elves have released what I think must be the first legally made unpasteurised cheese in Australia, it’s called C2. Our little allocation was tasted at staff lunch today and all proclaimed it delicious. Great aroma, the kind that greets you at an affineur’s in France. Funky, and deeply satisfying. Describing flavour can be a difficult task but some of the comments around the table today were—Mmm... OK! Yes, alright!!, Can you taste a proveloneness? That darker bit has gorgonzola notes? Umm its like a great English cheddar! Soo [delicate iron chef accent] savoury!

I don’t know how much is available but at least some of the barriers are being broken down and the way is open for Nick and others to bring this industry out from under the stranglehold of the wowsers.
Its been a long road.

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Rebecca @ said...

that's great news! yes it's been a battle ... where can I get this in Sydney I wonder? @frombecca