Monday, 2 September 2013


Never say goodbye

A very big heartfelt thanks from Sunnybrae and all who sailed in her.
If you click the photo and click slideshow you will find a little glimpse of the Sunnybrae story 

To our staff we are eternally grateful for the support and friendships made over the years... to all the visitors again its been a great pleasure to serve you..

I will keep the blog live for now but I will return to it  in another form when we unpack all the boxes..

Until then you can search this site with the gadget on the right for any culinary questions you may need to explore.
 Diane and I send our best wishes to Dan and Julianne and we are sure they will have just as much fun and meaningful times at Sunnybrae  [oops Brae] as we have had  there. The baton change has been smooth.
 After more than  33 years at Sunnybrae  we are  now ensconced in a delightful new house
and soon to be new garden in Kyneton. Its a small eco- house designed by Dennis Carter circa 1976 for the Age Small homes project. Wanda, Tammy, Cilla an Percy have given the paws up for the new house.
And for those who have asked??
No we are not going to Ikea and getting a rocking chairs... the next chapter begins  

 Till then 
George Biron  and  Diane Garrett


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