Saturday, 23 November 2013

Fare Dinkum

This blog has changed its name to

 Fare Dinkum--
Temper Gastronomic- Bias Australiana 

 Our new  mascot is  the endangered Barking Owl that we met on Saturday at the Kyneton Show. 

I am slowly drawing a line under the Sunnybrae blog..the metamorphosis has begun ....  The online story of our adventures at Birregura will remain here but writing from a new perspective has begun. A perspective based on more than 30 years of cooking and growing the most appropriate food for you to enjoy . We are now based in Kyneton in a new house with a small small garden Its almost a blank canvas with a completely different climate. Kyneton is a rare town with great beauty around every corner. My first impressions are that someone with an inspired vision chose the most exquisite street trees. There is a kind of Zen pattern to the way the choice of species is revealed as you wander through the streets.... We are lucky to be close to the Campaspe and the sheer beauty of the river path as it winds its way to the Botanical Gardens often starts our day with the dogs or on the on civie street...the future holds excitement and freedom the best ingredients for a new chapter.....

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Anonymous said...

George & Dianne, we miss you....
Please let us know if you ever do anything in Kyneton, we would love to come fond regards from your biggest fans Farrah, Berna & Melinda (